About Us

Cradle to Career: Kenya (C2C)  is  committed to every child who enters our program as an orphan or is mired in such poverty that hope seems elusive until he or she graduates and is self-sufficient. A child who is  driven and committed to a top-level educational experience, and who is determined to complete the circle by giving back to their country will remain in our care until they are ready to stand on their own.

C2C is a U.S. organization with a model to help children in a country that does not have strong social service nets. But C2C’s business model also includes a plan to phase out of our work. The children we are educating today are the young adults who are touching others in their country at a geometrically progressive rate. As they help their own, our job decreases.

There will be a day when the supporters of Cradle to Career will sit on the Advisory Boards for the organizations in Kenya that our college graduates begin. We will attend the election parties when our students win seats in Parliament.

The little orphans you see today under Fr. Henry’s care are the change agents of Kenya’s future. They are very lucky children. Little do they know that being born into poverty and tripping into the schools of Fr. Henry has set them on a path beyond their wildest dreams.