African Child Foundation

Fr. Henry formed African Child Foundation(ACF), Kenya as the entity to run his operations in Kenya.  He has a Board of Advisors that is composed of specialists in their field which offer him the needed guidance in such areas as educational, medical, food and building issues.

ACF, USA was created in 2005 when Fr. Henry first visited Newport Beach, CA.  It was the financial engine behind all of his visions.   ACF created a sponsorship program to support the education, health and safety of each one of Fr. Henry’s children.  ACF created capital campaigns that were the impetus behind developing pieces of property, including Fanaka Elementary School, Mt. Olive Academy, wells, a chapel, and a guesthouse.

ACF, USA is the reason Fr. Henry’s visions have become a reality, and the reason over 500 hundred children have begun a new trajectory out of the spiral of poverty.