Education is the bridge between having no hope in life to finding yourself leading your country.   Education is the hub to all that Cradle to Career believes.   Over five hundred children who were born into poverty or orphaned at birth have entered one of our elementary or middle schools.  Cradle to Career: Kenya provides tuition, room and board for those who graduate into high school. Our first class of college students began in 2010 and by 2011 seventeen students were funded in colleges and universities throughout Kenya. In October 2014 the first two students graduated from college.

Kenya has one of the most competitive educational environments in Kenya.  Fanaka Elementary School and Mt. Olive Academy were both started by Fr. Henry Simaro and are supported by Cradle to Career: Kenya.

Excellence is demanded and discipline is foremost during each day of school.  Mt. Olive Academy students rank in the top 10% of their district.

When a child starts in life with the best possible education then their dreams can become a reality. It doesn’t matter that they were born into poverty.  Competitive education levels the playing field and places the poorest of the poor on par with the best and the brightest.