Men’s Sexual Health in Kenya

Kenyan men, just like all men around the world, may suffer from various sexually related conditions and should be exposed to education and care. The common STDs including HIV rate high amongst the male Kenyan population. The good news, however, is that there are treatments available.

As much as Kenya has seen an increase in awareness of sexually transmitted diseases, men are still suffering from embarrassment and shame because of the stigma attached to many of these conditions. The country nevertheless has seen huge improvements in recent years and is considered to be one of the best success stories when it comes to HIV prevention. But there is still a lot to be done as Kenya remains one of most HIV infected countries in the world.

HIV Infection in Kenya

HIV does not discriminate as it infects people regardless of their wealth and social status. However, men who have sexual relations with other men, sex workers and those who inject drugs are more prone to contracting the virus.

While half of the HIV infected are not aware of their HIV status, there has been a significant decrease in reported infections in the country. Efforts to decrease HIV infection in Kenya have thus yielded tangible positive results. There has been a major increase in testing, and programs like Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision have been implemented due to the fact that circumcised men have lower chances of becoming infected. HIV is also a part of the Kenyan school syllabus that have given about 64% of the young male Kenyans a much better understanding and awareness of the danger.

The future of Kenya’s struggle with HIV seems to be a promising one. Hopefully, the stigma, poor health conditions and death rate associated with the virus will decrease farther. This should lead to many HIV men having normal lives.

Erectile Dysfunction in Kenya

Another major sexually related issue in Kenya is erectile dysfunction. Sexual potency is generally an important thing to any man and those who have the inability to get and/or sustain an erection can suffer emotionally to the point of developing severe depression. Without complete awareness, Kenyan men may suffer feeling shame and embarrassment.

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can be caused by many underlying health issues. It is commonly caused by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders, surgery or an injury, aging and poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs.

Identifying the exact cause in every particular case is the first step to treatment. Erectile dysfunction is usually treated by so-called ED drugs – Viagra, Cialis and some others. However, there are other options for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction in Kenya. The herb mukombero is well-known and in fact very popular in Kenya. The herb is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac that can help cope with low libido and erectile problems in men. As ED drugs – especially branded ones – can be a bit expensive by Kenyan standards, many Kenyan men opt for mukombero and other natural remedies.