Our History

Cradle to Career: Kenya is a merger of two non-profit organizations, African Child Foundation (USA) and Agano with Kenya.

Both organization have focused solely on supporting the needs of children assisted by Fr. Henry Simaro in the Athi River area of Kenya since 2005.

Our history begins with Fr. Henry Simaro.

In 2001 there was a humanitarian crisis of enormous proportions scorching through Africa.  The AIDS crisis was overwhelming Kenya society.  Three million children eventually found themselves without parents. Malaria and typhus were reaching epidemic proportions as street children were swarming into the slums.

Fr. Henry Simaro, is a Kenyan priest, who received his masters at University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles and returned to Kenya committed to helping his country. After performing six funerals in one week in 2005 he could no longer sit idle. The number of children left totally alone tore at his heart. He requested permission from his local bishop, to devote his pastoral duties and full time efforts to the education and caring for these vulnerable orphans and children.

One of the five hundred letters the Fr. Henry wrote to churches across the United States requesting help was to Our Lady Queen of Angels (OLQA) in Newport Beach, CA. The people of Newport Beach responded with great generosity.

Fr. Henry was able to raise sufficient funds to build three wells, purchase a van to transport children to medical clinics and contribute to the building of Fanaka Elementary School.

During that same trip African Child Foundation was created in order to continue raising funds for him.  His dreams to save as many children in his country as possible were becoming a reality. He has since made several trips back to Orange County and the money raised has allowed him to continue with his visions.

As the young children aged up programs for high school sponsorship to Kenyan Boarding schools developed and in 2010 Agano with Kenya was created to meet the needs of bright college bound students.

Our history will come full circle when the students graduating from college enter into career opportunities, that will perpetuate a growing leadership community in Kenya.