Our Program

Cradle to Career: Kenya is divided in multiple programs depending on the age of the child.  Children enter the program in preschool and continue until they graduate from college.

  • Young orphans and children of extreme poverty are rescued and provided with basic needs.  The child is given a structured academic environment at Fanaka Primary School that begins in pre-school.
  • The child continues to Mt. Olive Academy, a boarding school through eighth grade.
  • After testing into high school Cradle to Career sponsors the child into one of dozens of boarding secondary schools in Kenya.
  • Upon acceptance into college  or trade school the student attends one of thirty-two universities in Kenya. During college the student works in community service as part of the agreement. Once the student completes an internship and commences a career, she ‘pays it forward’ by agreeing to pay 10% of her salary back to the program .